Read your newsletters on your Kindle

Get your stratechery, substack and other newsletters automatically on your Kindle

Set it up once and reap benefits every day

5 min setup

Connect your gmail, tell us which newsletters you want on your Kindle and you're done

Automated forwarding to your Kindle

Your newsletters will be sent to your Kindle as soon as you get them in your inbox

Read in peace

Read your newsletters from your Kindle without blue light and without being distracted by notifications and other apps


Why are your building this?

I've observed myself opening each article from my newsletters and adding them manually to my Kindle using the Send To Kindle Chrome extension. And I got tired of it!

Why should I read my newsletters on Kindle?

Reading on your Kindle is less distracting: no notifications, no social networks you can quickly toggle to, no blue light.

What's wrong with reading newsletters on my laptop?

If you read at night, the blue light from your laptop or phone impacts negatively your sleep.

Can I have access now?

Yes, just fill up the form (takes 2min), and you'll be able to start sending your newsletters to your Kindle